Tefft and MCW Engineering Core win Shared Instrumentation Grant

Through an NIH Shared Instrumentation Grant awarded to Biomedical Engineering Faculty Dr. Brandon Tefft, the MCW Engineering Core will receive a new 3D printer capable of fabricating sterilizable instrumentation and implantable devices. 

Shared Instrumentation Grants are a special type of grant awarded by the National Institutes of Health to NIH-funded investigators for the purchase or upgrade of specialized equipment for shared use.  The recent award won by Dr. Tefft is earmarked for an upgraded multijet 3D printer capable of producing plastic and malleable constructs in a wide range of opacities and capable of withstanding high temperatures.  This high tolerance for temperature allows printed objects to be sterilized, which in turn allows them to be used in surgical settings, as well as for in vivo experimentation, a practice necessary to the regenerative engineering practices of Dr. Tefft and his lab.  The new equipment will be housed by the MCW Engineering Core, and specialized internal technicians will be responsible for its maintenance. 

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About Dr. Brandon Tefft

Dr. Brandon TefftDr. Brandon Tefft is an Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Founding Director of the Cardiovascular Regenerative Engineering Laboratory—also known as the CaRE Lab—in the Marquette University and Medical College of Wisconsin Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering.  Dr. Tefft's research interests include novel regenerative and tissue engineering techniques for cardiovascular medicine, and recent research includes magnetic endothelialization for implantable cardiac devices, tissue engineering vascular grafts, prosthetic heart valve fabrication and bioprinting for hypoplastic left-heart syndrome. 

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