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Program Overview

Taking place over the course of one full academic year, the SUPREMES curriculum is broken into two parts, each lasting one semester. In semester one, students will receive training on safety and technology relevant to scientific investigation. In semester two, students will be invited into the lab, where the knowledge gained during semester one will be put to use. 


Semester I: Training

During Semester I, SUPREMES Students will attend two, 3-hour workshops per week at either Marquette University or the Medical College of Wisconsin campus. In these workshops, students will have the opportunity to further their research understanding through exposure to state-of-the-art technology, scientific scholarly writing, and laboratory techniques and methodologies. In addition, students will receive practical training in data analysis, statistics, electrical circuits, professionalism, resiliency, and laboratory safety.


Semester II: Laboratory Practicum

In Semester II, SUPREMES Students will apply their newly attained scientific knowledge and skills to a semester-long research-based investigation at one of the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering's affiliative laboratories. Throughout the module, students are required to work a minimum of 6 hours a week in an assigned laboratory setting matching their research interests.


Continued Studies

Students who satisfactorily complete the SUPREMES Program during their junior year of high school are invited to return to the SUPREMES Program during their senior year for continued laboratory experience.

Program Requirements

To successfully complete the SUPREMES program, students will be required to:

  • attend the mandatory orientation,
  • attend all scheduled learning sessions and actively participate in the learning experience,
  • complete all required laboratory safety trainings per MCW compliance purposes for Semester I,
  • complete all required laboratory safety trainings per institutional placement (MU, CRI, Versiti, VA) during Semester II, 
  • complete and submit all monthly reflections,
  • complete and submit all instructor evaluations,
  • lead two Journal Club discussions in Semester 1 or 2,
  • maintain a laboratory notebook in Semester 2,
  • document time spent in a laboratory setting in Semester 2,
  • attend monthly research progress check-in during Semester 2,
  • maintain a valid student email for use in program communications, 
  • compose a scientific manuscript,
  • create a poster display centered on individual research, and
  • present findings to institution faculty, staff, and community partners.

Please note, failure to meet any one of these program requirements may result in termination of the student’s participation in the program.


Learn More

Ready to learn more? Check out the SUPREMES Program Application page to learn more about how to apply!


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